Our Origin Story

The Birth of Yucoo

Yucoo Bubble Tea was born out of an insatiable passion for crafting the perfect cup of bubble tea. Launched in 2015 in the bustling heart of Boston, we set out to revolutionize the way people experienced this iconic beverage. Though the market was replete with myriad bubble tea shops, we sensed a void—an opportunity for greater variety, quality, and authenticity. Yucoo was not just an entrepreneurial venture but a dream to fill that void and provide a bubble tea experience that would be second to none.

The Driving Force

Our inspiration stemmed from a blend of love for rich flavors and the joy that a simple cup of tea can bring. Our founder, Jennifer Lin, grew up in Taiwan, the birthplace of bubble tea. For her, bubble tea was not just a drink, but a cultural symbol—a way to bring people together. Coupled with her extensive travels, where she sampled a world of flavors, Jennifer felt a compelling urge to bring a taste of authentic, diverse bubble teas to Boston. The guiding philosophy was simple: Create a place where every sip is an adventure, a place that felt like home to both newbies and aficionados of bubble tea.

Our story is an ever-evolving tapestry of challenges, triumphs, and lessons. We invite you to be a part of it. Thank you for making Yucoo what it is today.


Our Mission & Vision

Mission: An Ode to Diversified Gustatory Euphoria

When you step through the inviting threshold of Yucoo, you’re signing up for a sensorial tour de force that transcends mere refreshment. Our mission is simple yet profoundly ambitious: to enrapture your palate with an array of bubble tea that defies the quotidian. We strive to paint a lavish mosaic of tastes, one pearl at a time—innovating with seasonal specialties, while keeping the much-adored classics untarnished. This kaleidoscopic ambition ensures that each visit unfurls a new narrative of taste.

Vision: The North Star for Boba Connoisseurs

We are not merely mapping out a plan; we are forging a legacy. A utopia where your perfect sip is no longer an elusive wish, but a guaranteed serenade. Our vision is to transmute Yucoo into the altar at which bubble tea aficionados offer their most exigent of taste demands. Garnering your patronage, our target is no less than becoming the axis on which the world of bubble tea revolves. We aim to do this by meticulously focusing on three critical facets: impeccable speed in delivery, unimpeachable quality, and unbreakable customer relations.

With a magnanimous gesture of welcoming expansiveness, we extend an invitation for you to join Yucoo’s ceaseless odyssey—an unending quest for the epitome of ambrosial liquid transcendence.

Why Yucoo Stands Out

Unmatched Variety

  • More Choices: Yucoo prides itself on the unparalleled diversity of milk tea options we offer, far exceeding the limited palettes of many competitors.
  • Seasonal Specials: Committed to novelty and customer engagement, we introduce season-specific beverages, fusing innovative flavors with time-tested classics.
  • Time & Preparation: Months of meticulous planning and development go into each new addition, ensuring not just variety but also quality and taste.

Fair Price

  • Transparency: Our prices are set with fairness and transparency, giving you great value without any hidden costs.
  • Comparisons: An evaluation of our price points in juxtaposition with market competitors reveals our compelling commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality.