1. What kind of bubble tea do you have?

We are servicing three main catergory including milk tea series, fruit tea series and milk shake series.

2. How many calories in a bubble tea?

Normally one 500ml bubble tea contain about 200-300 calories and one 700ml bubble tea contain about 350-400 calories.

3. What are the major ingredients in bubble tea?

Milk tea: tea, milk, flavor powder, ice and sugar

Fruit tea: flavor juice, fruit and green tea

Milk shake: flavor juice, fruit, ice and milk

4. Does milk tea contain caffeine?

Yes. Tea contains tiny amout of caffeine.

5. Does bubble milk tea contain Lactose?

Yes. All the milk tea series drinks contain Lactose. It is better to notify the employee first before you buy a milk tea series drink.

6. What kind of milk do you use to make a bubble milk tea?

Normally, we are using regular whole milk, coconut milk, and lactose-free milk for customers who have lactose allergies.

7. What types of tea do you use in bubble tea?

We are using Black Tea, Jasmine Green, and Four Season Oolong Tea.